Cooking Holidays

Like to try new dishes while travelling? If so, you should perhaps consider cooking holidays and do something useful rather than spending the entire vacation sitting on the beach and doing nothing. Cooking holidays are a unique experience for spa breaks or special birthdays Though cooking vacation may not sound particularly tempting, it can very rewarding and fun too.

Where to Go?

Where to go on a cooking vacation depends on whether your priority is cooking or location. Cooking Italian specialities while exploring Tuscany or French dishes while touring Paris gives the whole experience an additional thrill. You won’t only be visiting places you have always wanted to visit but you will also learn how to cook local specialities from a local chef. However, it is worth to keep in mind that you don’t have to travel to Thailand for instance to have a memorable Thai cooking holiday. The UK is a great destination for cooking holidays as well no matter if you want to learn to make traditional English, Welsh or Scottish dishes, or are looking for more exotic hands-on cooking experience.

Will I Be Cooking All the Time? How Long Do Cooking Classes Last?

There is no need to worry that you will your entire holiday in the kitchen. While the main goal of cooking holidays is to learn new cooking skills and have fun in the kitchen, you will have plenty of time to explore local attractions and enjoy a wealth of other on-site activities. Duration of cooking classes varies greatly but generally, you won’t be spending more than an hour per day in the kitchen.

What We Will Be Making?

You will be making all sorts of dishes from simple to gourmet specialities from the scratch. What kind of dishes exactly you will learn to cook of course depends on the chosen package. For example, if you choose cooking holidays in Italy, you will be preparing Italian dishes. But if you choose to stay in the UK, you won’t necessarily be preparing only the traditional English, Welsh or Scottish dishes. As mentioned earlier, you can find courses that specialise in Italian, French and other international cuisines in Britain as well.

Where Will I Sleep?

This depends greatly on the chosen package. Many cooking schools that organise cooking classes for tourists also offer on-site accommodation. But the accommodation can also be a bed and breakfast, holiday cottage or luxury hotel.