Photography Holidays

Like photographing? Travelling? Why not combine both hobbies into a memorable photography holiday. You will visit some of the most scenic locations and learn all the tips and tricks about professional photography.

Photography Holidays in the UK

The UK has some of the most scenic landscapes and world-class historical attractions on virtually every step. With so many natural and historical attractions, there is always something new to discover and experience which makes the UK one of the best photography holiday destinations in the world.

Many UK photography holiday packages include all the key ingredients for a memorable vacation including accommodation, transport and of course, photography classes that are led by professional photographers. But many agencies that offer photography holidays in the UK also provide an option to book only photography classes and take care of transport and accommodation yourself. So if you live within a short distance or have relatives living nearby, there is really no need to pay for the whole package.

Photography Holidays Overseas

Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, France, India, New Zealand, the United States, … you name it. You can go on photography holidays just about anywhere you want and combine photography classes with an unforgettable trip overseas. Just like photography holiday packages in the UK, those overseas will take you to the best locations for photographing and provide professional tutoring. So if you would like to travel abroad and improve your photography skills, ask your local travel agency for photography holidays overseas or look for packages online.

Before Booking Photography Holidays

Many travel agencies offer photography holiday packages both in the UK and overseas. But just like the standard holiday packages, the prices, things included and quality of service tend to vary greatly. In order to get the best value for your money, improve your photography skills and have a great time from the first to the very last day, you are recommended to focus on agencies that are specialised in photography holidays and: