Weaving Holidays

Spending your holidays learning to weave may not sound particularly exciting. However, weaving with the locals offers a unique opportunity to learn more about their culture, lifestyle and history. In many parts of the world where textiles are still woven by hand, the art of weaving is hundreds or thousands of years old tradition which is passed from generation to generation. In addition to getting to know the locals and learn the art of weaving, you will also help the locals continue to make a living by weaving and pass their knowledge to the future generations and subsequently, keep the art of weaving alive.

If you want to spend your holidays learning how to weave, relax and have a great time, you can do so without travelling overseas. However, the choice of weaving holidays in the UK is more or less limited to a few locations where the knowledge of weaving is passed on to interested travellers by a few master weavers. As a result, you might have to travel overseas if you want to combine weaving classes with visiting new places, meeting new people and enjoying new things. But where to go?

Listed below are some of the most popular weaving holiday destinations which will make your trip an unforgettable experience: